Homebrew 3ds firmware 11.10.0-43u

homebrew 3ds firmware 11.10.0-43u

homebrew 3ds firmware 11.10.0-43u

 · I have a New 3DS version 11.10.0-43U and as far as I'M aware, there is no way to run Homebrew on it. I currently only have Luma installed, and only want an application that allows me to have a save manager for my games. I had attempted using Soundhax and downloading Homebrew for version 11.9.0-42U (Which is obviously not my version but was the ...

Nintendo 3DS Firmware Update 11.10.0-43U comes with the following changes as shared by Nintendo. Further improvements to overall system stability and other minor adjustments have been made to enhance the user experience. Before the release of this update, N3DS was officially on firmware update version 11.09.0. It has been patched now to firmware update version 11.10.0. This could be an …

Old 3ds 11.10.0-43u homebrew. Close. 6. Posted by 1 year ago. Archived. Old 3ds 11.10.0-43u homebrew. Hello everyone, I just got a 3ds broken charger from someone and fixed it. I was playing around and updated it to the latest firmware and found out about homebrew afterwards. I followed the "Installing Luma3DS on 3DS 11.10 Using FREDMINER - UPDATED GUIDE" on YouTube. I'm getting …

 · I can't see anything on homebrew being available on 10.10 and on the website, it only seems to go up to 10.9. ... Just got my first 3DS and i’m 22! (and also my first console ever.) 2.8k. 312 comments. share. save. hide. report. 2.6k. Posted by 2 days ago. Suggestion. Petition to bring the 3DS theme shop to the Switch 🙏 2.6k. 152 comments. share. save. hide. report. 1.9k. Posted by 7 days ...

 · Thanks for watching my 3DS 11.10 Homebrew video! UPDATED VERSION: https://youtu.be/vDeRWo9NpoE UPDATED VERSION: https://youtu.be/vDeRWo9NpoE Visit my Websi...

Welcome to the official unofficial 3DS Homebrew Launcher website ! This page is meant to be a hub between all the best and newest ways to get homebrew running on your system. If you want to see homebrew in action, check out this video! Otherapp/ropbin payloads Some exploits (not ninjhax, ironhax or tubehax) might allow you to run the homebrew launcher and require you to get an "otherapp ...

 · Thanks for watching my 3DS Homebrew tutorial for firmware 10.6 to 11.0! UPDATED VERSION: https://youtu.be/vDeRWo9NpoE UPDATED VERSION: https://youtu.be/vDeRW...

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